Requirements to materials to be accepted for publication in Water Sector of Russia journal

Papers in Russian, never published anywhere before, can be accepted for publication. The optimal size of an article is to be 1624 thousand of characters with blanks, not more than 20 pages including figures and tables.

An article is to be accompanied with a paper with information about the authors (complete name, position, academic degree, full name of an institution/company, postal address, telephone number, fax, e-mail address).

A paper should contain a Universal Decimal Classification index, key words and an abstract. The following structure can be optimal: a brief introducing part with clearly defined and characterized problem under discussion, a conceptual part, concrete conclusions from the stated material, and the list of references.

An article is to be accompanied with the English translation of the name of the article, key words, the abstract, short information on the authors (name, full and abbreviated name of the institution/company, postal address).

The text is to be typed without division of words with width alignment, Times New Roman, 12 point type, 1,5 line spacing, 2,5 cm margins from all sides. Roman figures are to be typed in the Roman type.

Numerical data are to be arranged as tables. The tables should not be ponderous. Each table is to have a number and a name. Tables are to be through numbered. Abbreviation of words in the tables are not allowed, units of measurement excluded. Numerical values in the tables and in the text are to be in the CI units References are to be presented in a general list in the end of the paper. References are to be numbered and arranged in a bibliographic list in accordance with GOST 7.0.5 2008 Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of composition. References in the text are to be given in square brackets (for instance, [4]), in successive order.

Figures, drawings, charts, and diagrams are to be inserted into the text as separate files each. General number of figures is not to exceed 1012. Photographs of the author (the authors) are welcomed.

An electronic version of an article in Microsoft Word is to be sent with e-mail. Photographs, drawings, figures, charts, diagrams are to be presented additionally as separate files in JPEG and TIFF with resolution at least 300 dpi, 9×12 cm at least, all diagrams in Excel.

Manuscripts are reviewed and edited in RosNIIVKh editorial office.

Materials meant for publication are to be submitted to RosNIIVKh, e-mail address info@waterjournal.ru.

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